You've got questions about couponing,
and we've got answers!


Q. What is included in the e-Book?

  • Learn how to double coupons and the amount saved!
  • Find Out All The Secret Places To find coupons.
  • Learn to organize your coupons.
  • Unlock the hidden secrets of coupons.
  • Understanding secret coupon codes.
  • Learn The Secrets of Coupons - We even teach you how to read the bar codes on your coupons to get the most out our your coupon.
  • Learn about trading, buying and selling coupons.
  • Find our which stores in your state DOUBLE coupons.
  • Get the store to pay you to take home items!
  • How to find coupon websites where you can buy coupons to make composing easier.
Q. How long will it take for me to begin saving money using coupons?

You'll begin saving your first time out to the grocery store after reading the "Super Shopper - A Coupon Queen's Guide To Shopping". You will begin saving the first time you use them! The more you use, the more you save! Think of them as an extension of your cash.


Q. What type of savings can I typically expect using the information I learn from this eBook?

By combining your coupons with items on sale, you should be able to save up to 50% on your first time out. The more often you use and work with your coupons, the higher your percentage will be.

Q. Can I still purchase name brands that I like to use?

Yes, and you will definitely discover coupons printed for the products you use on a daily basis.

Q. How can you guarantee I will save with the Coupon Queens eBook?

Because we will teach you techniques for saving that you probably never considered, like combining a manufacturer's coupon with a store coupon for additional savings! And much more!

Q. Does this system work anywhere or just in the U.S.?

The system works in the U.S. and in overseas US military bases. Overseas bases also take expired coupons. This system can be used anywhere where you can use coupons.

Q. Does it take a lot of time to become a Coupon Queen?

Not a lot of time but a lot of practice. It doesn't happen overnight. It takes a while for you to become aware of the sales and deals around you and how best to play your coupons to maximize your savings. But you will save the cost of the Coupon Queen eBook your first time to the grocery store using the Top Secrets you learn from reading "Super Shopper - "A Coupon Queen's Guide To Shopping".

Q. How do I know that coupons will be honored in my area, or by my stores?

Coupons are honored at all stores that sell the products, and we will tell you which stores even double in your state!